Can I trust your company?

Yes! You will receive detailed specifications as part of the proposal for your project. Our estimators record the job scope accurately, and then personally oversee and direct our crews on every detail until the demo is complete. We have been performing demolition for more than 35 years and have a long list of references.

What is Deconstruction & Green Salvage Recycling?

V's Demolition is a strong proponent of minimizing waste and maximizing the reuse and recycling of building materials such as windows, doors, lighting fixtures, hardware, flooring, plumbing fixtures and fittings.

The benefits to the environment and community are two-fold:
- the salvaged material stays out of our landfills
- carefully extracted building materials are offered back to the marketplace, where they can be reused in new construction projects

Many cities require recycle deposits. Do you comply with their programs?

Yes. All material receipts will be provided to your office for salvage and recycle records. Promoting salvage and recycling is a key element of our operations.

What if I want the project completed in specific phases?

We're at your disposal. We will tailor the demolition process to fit your needs. Tell us what you want, and we will work with you to develop an efficient and workable schedule.

How will you supervise my project?

We have experienced supervisors who speak English well. Our estimators continually check on the project until complete. We aren't finished until we walk the site with you and you are happy with the results.

How do you keep clients comfortable, safe and happy throughout the demo phase?

Negative air machines, surface protection, skilled and efficient staff and, most importantly, courtesy and respect are brought to every project. See our Site Protection and Process sections for more information.

How do you get the debris off site and where does it go?

Seven dump trucks, averaging 35 yards each, give us a huge hauling capacity. All debris is transported to the closest qualified recycle site or landfill. Upon request, receipts for your deposit will be provided to your office.