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If and when you are looking for an affordable San Jose Demolition and Deconstruction Company, you want a local contractor with offices in the city where their employees live and take great pride in their quality of life and environment. V’s Demolition Incorporated has an office and shop near Spartan Stadium, right in San Jose.

V's Demolition Incorporated, has served the entire San Francisco Bay and Monterey Bay Areas since 1983 with offices in San Jose and Santa Cruz.

March 1, 2023 – Completed 40 Years in business!

Committed to preserving the environment, V's Demolition Incorporated specializes in deconstruction and green salvage, which is the careful dismantlement of structures to recycle and repurpose the building materials. While deconstruction is more labor intensive and time consuming, the tax credits from the donation of green salvage can significantly offset the costs of demolition and recover up to 80% of building materials.

Performing on all types and sizes of projects from large commercial jobs to smaller selective residential homes, V's utilizes our fleet of 7 dump trucks with a huge hauling capacity. The most state-of-the-art-methods and techniques are used to control dust and remove dust and debris with negative air pressure machines and extensive site protection.

Demolition is one of the most highly regulated industries in construction. We are the local experts with four decades of experience and knowledge of the City of San Jose's regulations and recycling to keep repurpose materials local and transportation costs minimal.

San Jose is home to many historic homes and structures. The same care that is given to protecting the environment is also used for the preservation of historic buildings being renovated to be brought up to current code standards. This is the type of long term care and concern you would expect from a local company whose employees have lived and worked here for decades.

With V's Demolition Incorporated, you will have full confidence your project will be completed to your satisfaction on time and on budget.

Call today for an estimate on your San Jose demolition or deconstruction project: 800-801-8638 or Monterey Bay Area: 831-429-8638

Demolition is the dismantling and removal of the structural components of a building. It can be a complete demolition of a building by mechanical means but mostly by hand. It can also be the gutting or selective demolition of specific interior areas for renovation leaving the main exterior structure standing.

Demolition involves a complex set of procedures that requires experienced experts to know how to fully meet all San Jose health and safety standards in a very highly regulated industry.

Mechanical demolition uses heavy equipment like excavators to break the structure down into manageable pieces. V’s Demolition Incorporated has the task of controlling dust as we move surgically through our scope of work.

Deconstruction is a specific type of demolition where the building is carefully dismantled to reuse and recycle as much of the construction materials as possible. While deconstruction is slower and more time intensive because it is often done with hand tools rather than heavy equipment and involves a lot of sorting, it can be the most rewarding part of a demolition project because of the tax breaks that can be gained by donating green salvage that helps compensate you for the cost of the job.

Deconstruction not only puts money in your pocket with tax breaks, it gives you peace of mind knowing you have done your part to help protect the environment by reducing the cutting of old growth forests for lumber and keeping valuable resources out of the landfills.

In as environmentally conscious a community as San Jose in the San Francisco Bay Area, a high percentage of people don’t mind the added time and expense of deconstruction because green salvage benefits the environment and community in so many ways.

Deconstruction boosts the local San Jose economy by creating labor intensive jobs and job training and provides local opportunities for communities to reuse and make green salvage available for sale and reuse locally. By recycling valuable building materials like cement that is one of the most greenhouse gas intensive building materials there is to produce, green salvage reduces carbon emissions both producing and transporting new building materials in and out of the San Jose Area.

  • Concrete - Recycled
  • Wood
  • Bricks
  • Asphalt from roofing and roads
  • Gypsum drywall - recycled
  • Building components like doors and windows
  • Metals
  • Wiring
  • Plumbing
  • Ceiling tiles
  • Insulation
  • Flooring & carpets
  • Appliances
  • Cabinetry
  • Bathroom fixtures
  • Tubs and toilets

One of the most highly regulated sectors of the construction industry, demolition produces dust, noise and odors that can impact not only those on the job site, but also in the adjacent neighborhood. It can be dangerous work using heavy equipment requiring seasoned professional crews who fully understand the safety issues where large heavy objects are falling and being moved. Toxic chemicals and materials are also usually involved like asbestos or PBCs that require expert handling.

Lead safe work practices are also a big issue in demolition. V’s staff are certified in lead safe work protocols and practices. Testing by others and removal and disposal of materials by V’s Demolition makes complying with state and federal mandates successful.

Buildings are demolished for many reasons, and demolition contractors are often working in buildings that have or are losing their structural integrity due to fire or aging.  In situations like this where safety is already compromised it takes an expert understanding of structural engineering to get the building removed safely without mishaps.

Special care always needs to be taken shutting off gas lines and turning off electricity to prevent fires.  This can be complicated in multi-residential structures like apartment houses or condos to make sure it is done correctly.

V's Demolition utilizes the latest innovations in surface protection, dust control, and air cleaning including HEPA Negative Air Machines for dust control. Negative air machines enable the isolation of work areas, so dust is kept in the immediate area and not allowed to escape.

V’s Demolition Incorporated owns 7 dump trucks, used to source separate materials on the project. Each type of material can be dumped as a non-mixed load. This keeps costs down and recycling is made easier.

All surfaces that are to be preserved are covered like floors, stairs windows and walls. The creation of an egress which is basically a covered tubular chute so materials can be transported to loaders or dump trucks is one of the first steps of a demolition project.

San Jose has a host of local construction ordinances in addition to state and federal requirements regarding dust, and the safe disposal of hazardous materials like asbestos and PBCs. Federal OSHA Construction Standard (29 CFR 1926) specifically covers demolition operations.

It takes an experienced San Jose demolition company like V's to be certain all waste is handled properly fulfilling all local, state and federal safety requirements.

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