Thumbs up for our deconstruction services

“We have used V’s Demolition on multiple projects without any issues. V and Matt are responsive and easy to work with, they also handle our lead abatement projects and provide thorough records which is important.  Their crews are polite and efficient, they are safety conscious, and their trucks and equipment are well kept and clean.

We are very happy to recommend them.”

– Mick

“We build high-end custom homes and remodels primarily in Saratoga and Los Gatos. We have worked exclusively with Vs Demolition Incorporated going back decades.

As part of their process, V and Matt do careful and thorough walk-throughs of every project and provide detailed written descriptions of all work including options and contingencies.

Their crews are organized and well trained in all methods of demolition. Their scope of work is clearly defined on a daily basis and the sites remain clean and organized.  If there is ever a question as to structural implications, electrical or gas, scope of work etc., these are brought to our attention immediately before proceeding.  Their high level of safety protocols are clearly defined and well maintained.

V’s Demo has done numerous projects for us in homes where families live through our remodels. V’s teams are careful to fully seal off affected work areas to minimize noise, dust and impact on the residents.  Though demolition can be a difficult and disorderly process we are continuously amazed at the organization and efficiency of their entire team and process.”

– Tony

“Thanks for all the great work over the years. Your company has always been timely, tidy and professional. The most challenging was a remote, difficult access project that required working while surrounded by the beachgoing public. They did a tip-top job. I think anyone would be doing themselves a favor by hiring V’s Demolition Incorporated.”

– Bob

“I have worked with V’s Demolition for over 20 years. They have assisted me in being a better company through our combined work. V and Matt are both high-level guys with one goal: to keep the level of work as high as possible day in and day out. Because the cutting away of the old building and off-hauling the debris is already professionally done, this allows me to have my carpenters focus on the rebuild. The company applies top notch surface and dust protection that lasts throughout our projects, really well done.

V’s personnel are talented, trained, skilled, safe, and very committed to leaving my projects clean and construction-ready. My clients compliment me on my team, that’s always a good thing!”

– Greg

“I have worked with V’s Demolition for over 20 years. The V’s crew are efficient and responsive to the demands of the modern construction site. V’s team has risen to every challenge with smooth precision that continues to inspire confidence that the work will be safely completed on time and on budget.

V’s Demolition will always be the first call for my demolition projects.”

– Clayton

“As a General Contractor working primarily in Residential Construction, two things are paramount to me on every jobsite:  1) Attention to detail, and 2) The end result. V’s Demo crews are excellent in both areas.

When I walk through a project with V or Matt, I point out my concerns, what needs removal, what needs protection, what needs to be set aside and saved. When I return after demolition is done, the result is impressive. V’s always leaves us with a clean jobsite. No dust, no exposed nail heads, no loose debris. The grounds are clean. Existing floors have protection on them, and we’re able to begin construction on a nice, clean jobsite. That’s exactly how I want to start.

That’s why V’s Demolition has been our “Go To” Demolition Contractor for over 15 years.”

– Kevin

“We have worked with V’s Demolition Incorporated for over fifteen years. They are our one and only demolition contractor. The team is always professional and courteous. They keep the dirtiest jobs immaculately clean. Their site protection is fastidious. They handle both our heavy demolition needs as well as our more sensitive jobs. They preserve what needs to be saved with care and get rid of the rest with speed. Most jobs they do are completed ahead of schedule.

We cannot recommend V’s Demolition Incorporated highly enough!”

– Brian & Joe

“As a residential general contractor for more than 20 years one of the hardest jobs is finding good subs.  V’s Demo has been great to work with.  They are thoroughly professional in both their work and their proposals.

I founded my company on the principles of integrity and treating people right and look to work with people who share this vision.  V’s Demo excels in this category and represents our company and our values well.  They are always ready to help with whatever the project needs and have been amazingly flexible and fair.  I wish I had found them sooner!”

– Mark

“We subcontracted V’s Demolition for a project in Seacliff, San Francisco. They were tasked out to first provide site protection throughout a 3 story house and then select demo as needed.

From the beginning V, Matt, and the team were a pleasure to work with. Their attention to detail was fantastic. Matt and V were both very responsive on the PM side of things, and the Field crew who performed all the work were timely, detailed oriented, and easy to work with as well.

This job also happened during the beginning of the COVID times and the crew was great about using masks. hand sanitizer, temperature checks, and trying to be as socially distant as possible.

We will certainly work with V’s demolition again and look forward to the next job with them.”

– Nate