V Altman, president of V's Demolition and Deconstruction

V Altman, President and Founder

V Altman comes from a long line of self-starters and entrepreneurs; he has always enjoyed teaching and developing people.

Helping his staff discover their own talents, skills and leadership has motivated him for almost 40 years. His passion is creating opportunities for VDi to work on the highest level projects possible in the Bay Area.

Nancy Altman, secretary and treasurer

Nancy Altman, Secretary and Treasurer

Nancy has been in the development of the company from the early days to the present. She applies her organizational management expertise across all facets of administration and production. She develops whole-team systems for bringing smooth cohesion to the day-to-day operations with an eye for the client’s desired outcome.

Outside of work, Nancy enjoys being outdoors with her family in all seasons and weather conditions, soaking up the beauty of nature.

Matt Bradberry, general manager

Matt Bradberry, General Manager

Joining VDI over 13 years ago, Matt is an essential team member in running and leading V's Demolition, Inc. He regularly trains and supervises VDI's estimating and field teams, manages projects from beginning to end, ensures that safety is a core value at all times, manages sales and new client development and relationships, and pretty much tackles every challenge thrown his way, every day.

His core beliefs remain constant — "If I focus daily on delivering encouragement to every team member, then we all grow stronger together, naturally. I value family, faith, integrity, building strong relationships, high-energy, good listening, great music, and the joy of the journey. Life and business must reflect fair dealing based on teamwork and mutual respect, empathy, humility, and being teachable. Some favorite quotes that keep me focused: “There is no traffic jam on the extra mile,” “People are more important than things,” and “When you get confused, listen to the music play.

Patti Rodriguez, bookie

Patti, Bookie

Joey, senior estimator

Joey, Senior Estimator

Isaiah Hamm, estimator

Isaiah, Estimator


Kristin, Estimator

Nacho, production manager

Nacho, Production Manager

Marcelo, senior team leader

Marcelo, Senior Team Leader

Ramon, senior team leader

Ramon, Senior Team Leader


Figaro, Company Bad Ass