We understand the environmental impact and concerns of the construction industry.

V's Demolition is a strong proponent of minimizing waste and maximizing the reuse and recycling of lumber and other building materials such as windows, doors, lighting fixtures, hardware, flooring, plumbing fixtures, and fittings.

The benefits to the environment and community are two-fold:

  • The salvaged material stays out of our landfills
  • Carefully extracted building materials are offered back to the marketplace, where they can be reused in new construction projects

Here are the steps we take to carefully remove, protect, catalog, and manage all deconstruction materials

1. Protect in-place by leaving material as-is for repairing, refinishing, or re-facing.

2. Remove, wrap, load, and deliver to donee(s).

3. Salvage, store, and reuse elsewhere on the project.

4. Donate and recycle responsibly.

5. Proper disposal of unusable and unrecyclable waste.


In this complex roofing deconstruction project, the homeowner saved thousand of dollars in new construction costs by carefully preserving the still very sturdy existing framework.